Phase 3 - Focus groups

-You will need to participate in phase 2 interviews before you engage with phase 3-

We are looking for people in England or Scotland, who have spent at least one COVID-19 lockdown period  in their primary dwelling, living with children. We want to explore your experiences of your home in the periods when nurseries and schools have been closed in one family/household interview.  

Participation in phase 3 involves a one-time focus group with a maximum of 5 people from other families with similar ‘challenge scenarios’ as identified in phase 2. The interview will take place through Microsoft Teams software and will not exceed the 2 hours in total. An invite with a link for the meeting will be emailed to you. A member of our research team will make sure the focus group is arranged at a date and time convenient for all participants. 

The focus group will start by describing the shared ‘challenge scenarios’ in the group along with the ideas that each family had to address these challenges. Each group will work together to understand each other’s ideas, refine them and decide which parts should be shared more widely. Ultimately the outcome of this focus group will be some generalizable 'types' of small-scale changes to the home or 'Home Hacks'. After the focus group, the researchers will refine drawings and digital collages that communicate each type of 'Home Hack' and send these back to participants for comment and/or approval. 

All adult participants and children 14+ years old will need to consent to participation and sign the written consent form. Verbal consent will be sought from each child separately. Any children younger than 14 years present during the interviews will be asked for verbal consent before data collection starts. All participants will be able to withdraw at any stage and the researcher will check at intervals that everyone gives consent to continue. 

Privacy notice: We will use your name and contact details [email] to contact you about the research study. We will collate any photos that you share and any drawings produced during our discussion. The interview discussion will be recorded through the Microsoft Teams software. We will store this file securely until the end of this study (July 2022). Then we will destroy it. You can withdraw your consent and request your information be destroyed at any time. 

Information you provide that could identify you will be held securely with strict arrangements about who can access the information. More specifically, your audio recordings will be anonymized and stored on encrypted, password-protected Newcastle University software and will be used for the purposes of this study only. All transcriptions will be anonymized. The original (non-anonymized) recordings and your contact details will be stored on encrypted, password-protected Newcastle University software and will be destroyed at the end of this study (July 2022). 

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